National Programe for Health care of Elderly

With increasing life expectancy, demographic ageing is an emerging phenomenon. In India percentage of population above 60 years is 7.4%. India is predicted to become home to the second largest number of older persons in the world. The facts about the elderly population in India is quite challenging: 1) 80% of elderly are in rural area. 2) 51% of the elderly would be women by the year 2016. 3) Proportion of older-old (person above 80 years) is more. 4) 30% of elderly are below poverty line. Further Non-communicable diseases are extremely common in old age resulting into reduced functionally of elderly. Therefore policy interventions that include social, human, as well as economic investments are the need of nation to prevent dependencies and unhealthy ageing in the society.

National Programme for Health Care of the Elderly was initiated towards the end of the XI Plan i.e. 2010-11 and 2011-12 in 100 backward and remote districts of 21 states including Gandhinagar, Surendranagar, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Porbandar and Junagadh districts of Gujarat. It is proposed to be expanded to the remaining districts during the 12th Five Year Plan in phased manner.

  • To provide an easy access to promotional, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to the elderly
  • To make use of the community based primary health care approach and strengthen capacity of the medical and paramedical professionals as well as the care-takers within the family for providing health care to the elderly
  • To identify health problems in the elderly and provide appropriate health interventions in the community with a strong referral backup support
  • To provide referral services to the elderly patients through district hospitals, medical colleges and strengthen health manpower development in the field of geriatric medicine
  • Development of treatment models for the elderly persons in our country



  • Preventive and promotive care
  • Management of illness
  • Health Manpower Development for geriatric services
  • Medical rehabilitation & therapeutic intervention
  • Developing appropriate training courses for medical and paramedical health professional in geriatric care
  • Promotional and encouraging basic, clinical, epidemiological and applied d research in ageing and the health care of the elderly
  • Integrating other systems of medicine such as AYUSH in provision of health care to the elderly
  • IEC

Activities up to District Hospital level

District Hospital

Identified District hospital will be strengthened / upgraded for management of the elderly. It will have 10 bedded Geriatric Ward and run a Geriatric OPD one daily basis for care of the elderly. There will be a dedicated Physiotherapy Unit in all the District Hospitals with bed strength of 100 and above. Support will be provided for Construction/renovation/extension of the existing building and furniture of Geriatric Ward and OPD, drugs and consumables, machinery, rehabilitative appliances, transport of refereed/serious patients, IEC activities, home based care for bed ridden cases, contractual manpower; Consultants Medicine (2), Nurses (6), Physiotherapist (1), Hospital Attendants (2), and Sanitary Attendants (2), training of health professionals, miscellaneous cost for communication, TA/DA, POL, contingency etc.

Sub-District Level Activities

Geriatric Clinics will be set u in all CHCs and PHCs of the selected districts. Aids and appliance required by elderly will be made available. It is proposed to provide support for home-base care for rehabilitative services at the door steps of such elderly patients. In case of emergency, transport and referral services will be provided to the elderly persons.

  • Community Health Centers: Geriatric clinic will be held twice a week at CHCs. A Rehabilitation Worker will be employed on contract for Physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation services for the elderly. CHC will also be supported with certain appliances and aids for the elderly. Domiciliary visit for bed-ridden elderly and counseling to family members for home based care of such patients will made by the rehabilitation worker. Support will also be provided for transport of referred cases, IEC activities, consumables etc.
  • Primary Health Centers: PHC Medical Officer will be in-charge for coordination, implementation & promoting health care of the elderly. A Weekly geriatric clinic will be held at PHC level by trained Medical Officer. Support will be given for appliances and aids for the elderly. Home based care will be facilitated for bed ridden cases. Support will also be provided for transport of referred cases, IEC activities, consumables etc.
  • Sub Centers: The ANM/Male Health Workers will be trained for health care of the elderly. Annual check-up of all the elderly at village level will be organized by PHC/CHCs. Support will be given for certain appliances and aids for the elderly. Home based care will be facilitated for bed ridden cases. Support will also be provided for transport of referred cases, IEC activities, consumables etc.

Expected Outcomes at the end of 12th FYP (up to District Level)

  • Additional 6400 beds in District Hospitals
  • Geriatric Clinics (OPD) and Physiotherapy units in the District Hospitals and more than 2000 Geriatric clinics in CHCs/PHCs
  • Free aids and appliances to elderly population
  • Improvement in life expectancy and better quality of life of the elderly population
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