• Information Education Communication (IEC) is used for generating awareness. It means process of working with individuals, communities & societies to develop communication strategies to promote positive behaviour that are appropriate to their settings.
  • Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) is used taking another step forward - enabling action. It means provide a supportive environment that will enable people to initiate and sustain positive behaviour.

IEC/BCC activities play a very important and strategic role in the area of public health. Strategic IEC/ BCC programs use a systematic process to understand people’s behaviour and influences. A successful IEC/ BCC plan would help in refuting myths and misunderstandings prevalent in the society and will lead to a demand for the various health services being provided, thus bringing about a behavioural change among individuals and the community at large.

Role of IEC/ BCC

Role of IEC/ BCC

State Goals of IEC/BCC

  • To connect the programs to the people by educating and mobilizing the masses through Information Education and Communication (IEC)
  • To encourage individuals of society to adopt healthy behaviours.

The state has decentralized the planning and implementation of the activities by coordinating the process of development of State and District IEC action plans from bottom up. I.E.C. materials like posters, stickers, pamphlets, leaflets, banners etc. are produced and distributed to health centers in all districts. Other activities such as wall-paintings and hoardings at important sites are carried out from time to time throughout the State. The State IEC cell is also engaged in health education and spreading awareness through mass media such as newspapers, television and radio.

To support health services to reduce MMR, IMR and TFR.

  • Educate community about the importance of Ante Natal Care, Institutional Delivery, Post Natal Care and Child immunization and motivate them to utilize maternal and child health services on Mamta Diwas.
  • Educate and advocate about schemes such as Janani Suraksha Yojna,, Chiranjeevi Yojana for promoting the Institutional Deliveries for the BPL population.
  • Beti Vadhao Abhiyan under PNDT
  • Promote temporary and permanent methods of Family Planning

To Provide I.E.C. support for national programmes.

National Health Programmes: National Program for Control of Blindness (NPCB), National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP), National Vector Borne Disease Control Program(NVBDCP), National T.B. Control Programme (RNTCP), HIV/AIDS and other programs like Nutrition, Control of Sickle Cell Anemia, National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Programme (NIDDCP), Florosis Prevention Control Program, Vit-A etc.

The State IEC team is responsible for overseeing the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of IEC activities, Special Campaigns, Health Education in emergency, monitoring of activities and capacity building of staff at the districts and block levels, and front line health service providers in communication.

Integration of the IEC activities would improve overall coordination, more cost effective and timely utilization of funds, avoid duplication of resources, and strengthen planning, implementation and feedback. IEC activities are especially implemented through District IEC Officers in all 33 districts with special focus in tribal districts.

Date Celebration Days
30 January Anti Leprosy Day
24 March World T.B. Day
7 April World Health Day
11 April Safe Motherhood Day
15 May International Day of Families
28 May International Women’s Health Day
31 May World Anti-Tobacco Day
5 June National Filaria Day
1-7 (Week) June Cleanliness week
1-30 (Month) June Anti Malaria Month
1 July Doctors Day
11 July World Population Day
1-8 August (Week) Breast Feeding Week
25 Aug-10 Sep Eye Care Fortnight
1-7 (Week) September Nutrition Week
15 September Occupational Health Day
24 September Word Heart Day
1 October International Day For Older Person
1 October National Voluntary Blood Donation Day
2 October Anti Drug Addiction Day
4-10 (Week) October Mental Health Week
16 October World Food Day
14 November Universal Children’s Day
14 November Diabetes Day
14-20 (Week) November Newborn Care Week
1 December Anti AIDS Day
3 December World Handicap Day
10 December Human Right Day
Thrust Areas of IEC/BCC Activities

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