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Goals (Under 12th Five Year Plan)

In the 12th Five Year Plan period, efforts will be made to consolidate the gains and build on the successes of the Mission to provide accessible, affordable and quality universal health care, both preventive and curative, which would include all aspects of a clearly defined set of healthcare entitlements including preventive, primary and secondary health services.

  • Reduce maternal and child mortality
  • Address adverse sex ratio
  • Stabilize population
  • Effectively implement National Health Programmes and address locally endemic diseases like leptospirosis, sickle cell anemia and thalesemia
  • Provide state of the art health and medical education relevant to local needs
  • Work with the citizens to make the health system more equitable, accessible, accountable, transparent, and cost-effective to enhance overall satisfaction with health services
  • Provide an environment in which the health teams blossom fully to lead a fulfilling life and effectively achieve the above goals
  • Develop public health capacities and systems, to effectively address determinants of good health such as potable water, sanitation, nutrition and healthy environment as well as to promote healthy life styles
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