E-mamta (Mother & Child Information Tracking System)

When a mother dies, children lose their primary caregiver, communities are denied her paid and unpaid labour, and countries forego her contributions to economic and social development.A woman's death is more than a personal tragedy--it represents an enormous cost to her nation, her community, and her family. Any social and economic investment that has been made in her life is lost. Her family loses her love, her nurturing, and her productivity inside and outside the home.More than a decade of research has shown that small and affordable measures can significantly reduce the health risks that women face when they become pregnant. Most maternal deaths could be prevented if women had access to appropriate health care during pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately afterwards.

Impact & Achivements

The impact and attainment of the ‘e-Mamta’ inventiveness has been significant. It has been able to accelerate the process of effective and efficient delivery of health services to the grass roots. The coverage of the initiative extends to 7 corporations, 172 Nagarpalikas and all villages of the state of Gujarat.

DATE e-Mamta Journey
January - 2010 e-Mamta Conceptualization and data entry modules developed
May - 2010 e-Mamta Project launched all over Gujarat
July - 2010 Presentation in review meeting of NRHM at Bhopal and announced for National Roll out.
August - 2010 Training to state Nodal officers& State data entry Managers in four batches of all the state in Delhi & Gandhinagar.
December - 2010 Recognized as finalist in the year 2010 for Manthan Award.
August - 2011 e-World Award
September - 2011 Diamond EDGE Award 2011
October- 2011 India Tech Foundation Award 2011
February - 2012 Outstanding Performance in citizen Centric Service Delivery-Silver award by Department of Administrative Reforms& Public Grievances GOI
February - 2012 ICT Led National Social Innovation Honor-Government Bodies By NASSCOM Foundation
February - 2012 Successful Implementation Of IT Projects in Government by GESIA
July - 2012 One of the Finalist for mbillionth Award
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